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How To Choose The Right Cincinnati Squirrel Removal Company

Choosing the right squirrel removal company is one of the most critical decisions you will face when wildlife concerns arise. It would be best to consider many factors when deciding on a wildlife expert to conduct business in your home or office. Many companies will make outlandish claims without proper licensing or certifications through the Ohio Division Of Wildlife. Hiring one of these shoddy companies can result in unethical or illegal practices ineffective at treating the root cause of your problem. Our Cincinnati squirrel trappers use best-in-class techniques to ensure satisfaction guarantee! Don’t settle for less than the best. Call us today for a multi-point inspection, and we will come to you!

Photo: Gray Squirrel at Cincinnati Squirrel Removal page at Cincinnati Wildlife Specialists

Squirrels chewed their way into this rotted fascia and made their way into the attic. Once in an attic, squirrels cause damage costing homeowners hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Squirrels In Your Attic?

When squirrels find themselves in your attic, this rapidly escalates into a complication. Time is of the essence to eliminate the progression of damage. Destruction occurs when a squirrel’s nest in your insulation compresses the barrier between you and the natural elements outdoors. As these furry critters dig deeper into your home, you may find tunnels within your insulation. This immediate reg flag shows that the infestation has been an ongoing issue.

Additionally, squirrels often bring inside your home outside nesting materials to further add to their nest. While this isn’t immediately problematic, the tables quickly turn as squirrels chew on electrical wires. These rodents’ front teeth never stop growing, so they are always looking for objects to chew on to control this growth. Unfortunately for you, this can mean damaged supports, rafters, and electric wires. Combined with the dry nesting materials, this fire hazard can become a recipe for disaster.

When faced with a squirrel problem, you can expect to find hundreds of droppings and urine stains as your attic becomes a large litter box. Direct exposure can make you vulnerable to contracting salmonellosis, commonly found in squirrels. Our Cincinnati Squirrel Removal trappers are also skilled in droppings cleanup and decontamination services. Your safety is the #1 priority when dealing with these hazards. Cincinnati Squirrel Removal holds our specialists to the highest standards and provides quality cleanup services in the greater Cincinnati area.

Common Squirrels Found In Cincinnati, Ohio

Ohio is home to 4 different species of squirrels. Eastern gray squirrels, red squirrels, southern flying squirrels, and fox squirrels are all prevalent in Cincinnati, Ohio. According to the Ohio Division of Wildlife, the most common species is the southern flying squirrel. These nighttime critters can glide with incredible maneuverability. These furry gliders move fast, seeking high altitudes to evade prey and search for food. Thankfully, Cincinnati, Ohio, harbors the growth of a dense population of hickory trees! While southern flying squirrels eat most varieties of nuts, their favorite snack is the hickory nut.

It’s more common to find eastern gray squirrels in your attic; however, uncapped chimneys can allow access to southern flying squirrels likewise. If you spot one of these critters gliding through your home or office, do not be alarmed, our Cincinnati squirrel removal professionals are here to help and tackle any problem that wildlife throws your way!

Photo: Eastern Gray Squirrel at Cincinnati Squirrel Removal page at Cincinnati Wildlife Specialists
Photo: Red Squirrel at Cincinnati Squirrel Removal page at Cincinnati Wildlife Specialists
Photo: Flying Squirrel at Cincinnati Squirrel Removal page at Cincinnati Wildlife Specialists
Photo: Fox Squirrel at Cincinnati Squirrel Removal page at Cincinnati Wildlife Specialists
Photo: Captured Gray Squirrel and gnawed electrical wire at Cincinnati Squirrel Removal page at Cincinnati Wildlife Specialists

Our live humane trapping techniques cause no injuries to any of the squirrels that we trap.This squirrel tore its way into a home’s attic and chewed on live wiring causing electrical problems. Our Cincinnati Squirrel Removal team discovered this wiring issue and prevented an electrical fire from occuring.

Did You Know This Squirrel Fact?

Eastern gray squirrels are double-jointed in their hind legs. This ability helps squirrels maneuver fast and climb at impressive rates of speed. Grey squirrels also have four sharp toes on their front feet. These sharp diggers assist when latching onto trees and further speed up climbing. These attributes help gray squirrels in their natural habitat but can work to our disadvantage when discovered in your home or office. Call our Cincinnati Wildlife Specialists today for expert advice and swift solutions to all your wildlife concerns.

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A young eastern gray fed by a homeowner. Getting squirrels habituated to human feeding often leads to nuisance squirrel problems in the future.