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Cincinnati Wildlife Removal Professionals – Varment Guard Wildlife Services

 Are you experiencing a wildlife problem in your home or office? Varment Guard Wildlife Services’s Cincinnati wildlife removal professionals understand these nuisances can cause stress in your everyday life. This is why our Cincinnati animal removal experts offer professional assistance to tackle any wildlife concern you are experiencing. Our trained experts will come to you and take immediate action to trap and remove these pesky critters from your home or office. When dealing with nuisance wildlife control issues in Ohio, time is of the essence to prevent further property damage.

Using certified tactics, our Cincinnati wildlife removal pros will ultimately recommend a strategy to resolve your wildlife problem in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our pros handle each case with the customer’s satisfaction being the highest priority. We implement advanced methods of Cincinnati wildlife control to get the job done right the first time!

Varment Guard Pros also offers Attic Cleanup and Animal Damage Repair services to our valued clients in Hamilton County, Ohio. Call our Cincinnati wildlife removal professionals to set up an inspection and inquire about our residential or commercial services. We can also tailor solutions for industrial and commercial clients in Cincinnati, Ohio.

What kinds of wildlife do we treat?

If you are looking for a Cincinnati wildlife removal expert who utilizes humane, effective practices, look no further; you have found us. Call Varment Guard Wildlife Services today for an inspection, and we will come to you!

cincinnati wildlife removal provides top quality bat exclusion services


Bats are the only flying mammal in the world. Echolocation is a sense that helps bats evade danger and hunt for food. However, this unique ability can make bat exclusion and relocation difficult. When dealing with a bat infestation, it’s imperative to take control before critical damage occurs. When you have bat guano in your attic, it’s time to call an expert.

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cincinnati wildlife removal removes nuisance birds from your buildings


Birds are great for our Ohio ecosystem, but when trapped in your attic or crawlspace, this becomes a serious concern. Bird droppings are highly acidic and harbor several diseases, including a flu-like illness called psittacosis. Not only will the acidity of droppings corrode and damage your home, but potentially become a health hazard.

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cincinnati wildlife removal are mole, groundhog and opposum trappers

Moles, Groundhogs, and Opossums

These diggers can cause costly damage to your lawn and garden. This damage results in expensive overseeding and sodding. If you have spotted one of these furry critters, fast action is a necessity to reduce root damage and preserve your turf. Our Cincinnati animal removal and wildlife control team can help combat these types of nuisances for you.

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Raccoons and squirrels are no match for cincinnati wildlife removal

These pesky critters can wreak havoc on your electrical systems, insulation, roof materials, and siding. As these rodents look for warm, dry areas, they migrate further into your home. This damage adds up to an expensive repair bill. Our Cincinnati animal removal experts can help to tackle these fast, vigorous animals. Furthermore, when insulation is damaged by raccoons or squirrels in Cincinnati, you can trust our team can handle that too.

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cincinnati wildlife removal are rat, mice and rodent specialists

Rats, Mice, and Rodents

Finding a rodent in your home or office can be startling with valid concern. Rats, Mice, and other small rodents reproduce at rapid rates and give birth to as many as 60 babies per year. Dealing with these problems should be handled as quickly as possible to halt reproduction. When faced with small vermin, our experts take a multi-step approach to eliminating these furry critters. Call our team for professional Cincinnati wildlife removal services today!

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Got skunks stinking up your property then call cincinnati wildlife removal


Skunks can cause some smelly problems, that’s for sure! Our Cincinnati animal removal professionals can help you deal with these pesky vermin, guaranteed! Oftentimes skunks can invade under a homeowner’s porch, deck, patio, or other areas along the foundation. Skunk dens can also contain litters of baby skunks. We are trained to handle these animals without getting sprayed! Call our team for professional Cincinnati wildlife removal services.

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