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How Skunks Cause Problems For Homeowners

Skunks are one of the most problematic animals for homeowners and a nuisance that can cause significant damage to your property. After skunks have determined an entry point, they will take shelter under your home and reap the protection that your space provides. Decks, sheds, and porches are prime real estate for these mammals. Problems can arise rapidly due to skunks burrowing nature. Often this behavior includes disrupting your plumbing and electrical components leading to a hazardous disaster.

Also, skunks produce fur oil that will inevitably attract other predators. When these animals sense a nearby skunk, the problem escalates into a much larger concern. Our Cincinnati wildlife specialists are here to help! While using cutting-edge tactics, our experts will safely and humanely exclude your stinky friend from your home or office. Call our skunk removal specialists in Cincinnati today for fast wildlife relief.

This skunk family fell into this window pit. Since skunks have poor eyesight, it’s not unusual for situations like this occurring.

After mating, female skunks can have as many as 7 babies after their 60 day pregnancy. You don’t want a litter of skunks in your home!

Skunk Mating Season: February – March

Male skunks are on the hunt for a female companion during February – March each season. Females are actively seeking out warm, dry areas to build their den. Homeowners will commonly find (Or smell) female skunks under their porch or deck, leading to troublesome outcomes. As male skunks pick up the scent of a nearby female, they might proceed forward with the intention to breed. If the female finds her new male companion undesirable, the female will not be shy to let everyone know. As she sprays her male counterpart, this odor can travel for miles. Unfortunately for you, this befalls under your deck, causing a stench that can linger for weeks. The smell travels for miles, and local residents will be put under the spell of dramatic rejection. This odor causes wives to turn wild and force their husbands to contact a local skunk trapper in Cincinnati. We’re sorry you’re here, too, hubby! But we can take put your worries to rest with our professional skunk exterminators. 

Cincinnati Skunk Removal

Yes, skunks are cute, especially young ones that appear abandoned by their mother. Nevertheless, don’t feed skunks and habituate them to you and your surroundings. You will regret it!

Keeping Skunks Out From Under Your Deck or Shed Using Trenching Services – A Service Offered By Us

Trenching is the best long-term solution to stop invasive wildlife from revisiting your property. The process involves digging 12 inches down, and 12 inches wide after our technicians carefully remove the first layer of sod. This trench is dug out around the perimeter of your deck or shed. In the next step, a hardened steel screen is placed around your area. This steel screen prevents wildlife from digging their way inside. The final step consists of filling the trench and repositioning the sod around the perimeter to complete the job! Our Cincinnati skunk removal specialists pride themselves on offering the #1 wildlife prevention service in the state. With a satisfaction guarantee, you can count on this superior wildlife protection and ultimate peace of mind.

Thanks to SOS Wildlife Control for this video. You can see an excellent example of trenching a deck which protects from skunk intrusions under your deck.

If you are plagued with a skunk invasion, our Cincinnati skunk removal pros are here to rescue the day. Our trained experts understand the complications that result and will take fast action to remove and prevent these pesky critters from re-entering your property. Time is of the essence when dealing with skunks, and special precautions needed are required to ensure a happy outcome. Call our Cincinnati skunk removal professionals today for a multi-point inspection and quick solutions for your wildlife concerns.