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Cincinnati Bat Removal & Control Service

When it comes to bat removal and relocation, our Cincinnati Bat Removal specialists know how to tackle your concerns with ease. Implementing industry-leading solutions, we take a humane approach to bat removal. If you suspect a bat infestation within your home or office, it’s imperative to act quickly before further damages occur. With a satisfaction guarantee, you can rest easy knowing fast relief is on the way. Call our Cincinnati bat control experts today!

How Are Bats Removed From A Structure?

Bat removal can be a challenging task to handle alone. Our Cincinnati bat specialists are here to help. The first step is locating the entry point. Bats can tuck themselves into the smallest of gaps, less than the thickness of an infants pinky finger. Our trained experts know how to uncover these problem areas on your home and install one-way exclusion doors. Exclusion doors allow for bats to exit the structure, but does not permit re-entry. This safe and effective method is humane and allows bats to seek alternative shelter outside of your home.

A bat colony worked its way into this old attic. Our bat specialists removed the piles of guano and old insulation. Finally, they sanitized all wood and walls and reinsulated.

Bat Guano Cleanup

Once our team has safely removed all wildlife from your structure, the last step involves repair and cleanup. This final service is the most critical step to preventing a future visit from your flying friend.

After sealing all cracks and entry points, our Cincinnati bat specialists will focus on cleanup and decontamination.

Insulation damage occurs as bats urinate and defecate inside of your dwelling. If insulation is unsalvageable, you can expect a full replacement.

After all repairs and cleanup, our specialists use an electric atomizer to provide a unique fogging service. This decontamination tactic covers all crevices as the fog seeps throughout the residing space. Fogging the area eliminates bacteria and organic growth to restore a safe environment.

We Humanely Remove Bats And Help Them Escape Where They Belong

Our Team Is Trained To Handle Bat Removal Humanely!

Many questionable companies have implemented unethical removal practices and have not acquired licensing in the state of Ohio. These shady procedures can include lethal measures that are ineffective and highly illegal. Don’t settle for fumigants, poisons, or glue-boards. Our professionals never implement these shoddy solutions. Call our Cincinnati bat removal specialists today for humane bat control.

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Yes, our Cincinnati Bat Removal team of professionals are attic cleanup specialists. They can clean and sanitize an attic full of bat feces and contaminated materials and make the attic look brand new.

Bats Species That Have Been Found In Ohio

Bat Conservation International at BATCON.ORG has determined twelve different bat species have lived or live in Ohio, although different sources often claim this number to be eleven. That said, the Big Brown Bat and the Little Brown Bat are the two species that we encounter most often at Cincinnati Bat Removal. If you have bats in your home or attic, one of these two species is the likely culprit, and the pros at Cincinnati Bat Removal are here to help at (513) 654-2591.

Little Brown Bat at Cincinnati Bat Removal - Thanks to USFWS/Ann Froschauer, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


Big Brown Bat at Cincinnati Bat Removal Thanks to USFWSmidwest, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


Townsends Big Eared Bat at Cincinnati Bat Removal Thanks To U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


Silver Haired Bat at Cincinnati Bat Removal.


Rafinesque Big Eared Bat at Cincinnati Bat Removal.


Northern Long Eared Bat at Cincinnati Bat Removal.


Mexican Free Tailed Bat at Cincinnati Bat Removal.


Indiana Myotis Bat at Cincinnati Bat Removal


Hoary Bat at Cincinnati Bat Removal


Evening Bat at Cincinnati Bat Removal
Gray Bat at Cincinnati Bat Removal


Bats Are A Protected Species Under Federal Wildlife Guidelines

Bat populations are declining across the United States at a concerning rate. A deadly fungus has taken these mammals by storm. This fatal fungus is known as White Nose Syndrome, killing more than 90 percent of bats in some areas across the planet. This fungus kills by increasing the amount of energy that bats use during winter hibernation. While accelerating these energy requirements by 50%, bats no longer have the energy reserves to survive the cold season.

Here in the buckeye state, bats are a protected wildlife species. It is illegal to harm or kill bats, as the population is near extinction. We need bats in Cincinnati, Ohio, to provide our ecosystem with healthy benefits. While bats in your home can be a destructive nuisance, we need bats to control insect populations and provide humans sustainably. Did you know that bats eat upwards of 1,000 mosquitos an hour?

When faced with a bat concern in Cincinnati, Ohio, our trained wildlife specialists provide cutting-edge solutions to remove and relocate these beneficial mammals into a better habitat. Call for an extensive multi-point inspection today.

thanks to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons for the use of this little brown bat photo at cincinnati wildlife specialists

This little brown bat is being tagged and monitored. Chiropterologists, experts who study bats, follow the long term health of a tagged bat.