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What Separates Rodents From Other Mammals?

About 40% of all mammal species found in the United States are rodents! Squirrels, mice, rats, and groundhogs are most prominent in the greater Cincinnati area. Rodents are small mammals part of the Rodentia family known for their 2 front teeth that never stop growing, hence why rodents are always chewing. However, this gnawing can become problematic for property owners when these critters find themselves in your home or office. These concerns quickly evolve into a fire hazard as rodents chew on electric components or wiring hidden away in your attic.

If you suspect rodents have invaded your property, time is of the essence to halt further destruction. Our operators are experts in rodent pest control services in Cincinnati. We will get rid of them before further damages are inflicted, or an attic fire ever has the chance to spark. Let us put your mind at ease, call us today to setup an inspection for Cincinnati Rodent Control.

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You Must Eliminate All Possible Entry Points In Order to Be Rodent Free

Rodent Exclusions – Sealing Homes For Mice, Rats, Squirrels

Having rodents in your attic can become a serious concern. Generally, mice and rats travel along foundations, giving them access to basements, walls, and crawl spaces. These critters are also able to climb cement and brick siding, as well as open corners, where they make their way to the roof, and into your attic.

The term “exclusion” refers to blocking the re-entry of pests into your home. Our professionals offer to seal up your entire house, from top to bottom, to prevent further rodent infestation issues. Furthermore, when rodents invade an attic, they may urinate and leave droppings throughout your insulation. This requires an attic cleanout.

Read more about our attic cleanup and restoration services here.

Mice, Rats, Squirrels and Groundhogs

The Top Four Cincinnati Rodent Problems


Mice are small rodents with a pointy snout and a long, thin tail. These omnivores are true scavengers, eating both plants and animals to survive. Mice love eating fruits, vegetables, seeds, and meat products. Due to our diet similarities, mice seek shelter and food opportunities that residential housing and commercial buildings provide. Unfortunately for you, these pesky rodents can be hard to catch and troublesome for Cincinnati homeowners. Call us for Cincinnati Mouse Control.


Finding rats in your home can be scary! These large rodents are 2 – 4 times the size of the average mouse. Their larger size often results in further damages. Rats can cause structural damages as they chew through supports and rafters. Additionally, Rat urine is responsible for the spread of leptospirosis, which can result in liver and kidney damage. Rats are less common in Southwestern Ohio than the other pests, such as mice, but we still have a good number of them around, none-the-less. And they CAN become a serious problem. Call us for Cincinnati Rat Control.


Squirrels are critical for our Cincinnati ecosystem to thrive. These rodents are responsible for seed distribution that results in vegetative growth and keeps our plant population stable. However, when faced with a squirrel in your home or office, these critters can be highly destructive. As squirrels burrow and defecate within your insulation, you may find yourself stuck with expensive repairs. But don’t worry, our professionals are able to help you out. Read more about squirrels here


Groundhogs are the largest rodents within the rodentia family, and are distantly related to squirrels, although they are much larger. You won’t find them in trees, but these hardy critters like to reside under porches, decks, and sheds. These powerful diggers can dig upwards of 700lbs of dirt for each den, wreaking havoc along your foundation. Groundhogs have even been known to throw entire homes off balance due to the extensive tunneling systems they create. Groundhogs dig up to 59 feet below the surface, making these rodents challenging pests to capture without professional knowledge.

Our Experts Share Some Fun Facts About Bats

Bats Are The Only Flying Mammal In The World, But Not Rodents

Contrary to popular belief, bats are not rodents. Some may refer to bats as rats with wings, but if fact they simply considered mammals, because they do not possess rodent teeth. A characteristic of all rodents are their set of 2 front buck-teeth. Bats do not have these. Rather, bats have razor sharp teeth meant mostly for chewing up insects. These incredible mammals can eat over 1,000 mosquitos an hour and can offer an effective insect control around your Cincinnati property. Because bats have such flexible joints, these furry flyers can find themselves in your home or office with ease. While most bats are not harmful, they will soon start destroying insulation with their droppings and can transmit harmful bacteria within. Our Cincinnati rodent control specialists are here to help and will provide rapid response for all of your wildlife or attic restoration needs.