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The first part of resolving any wildlife concern is making sure there are no active nuisances currently in your attic. If bats, raccoons, birds, squirrels, or other rodents have taken control of your space, it’s time to call our Cincinnati attic cleanup professionals. Our experts provide industry-leading solutions to tackle whatever wildlife throws your direction. Contact us today for a multi-point inspection and professional solutions for your attic issues.

“You are so relieved.” Our Cincinnati attic cleanup team has just removed a pesky critter from your attic. However, you discover that your furry friend caused a considerable amount of damage, leaving quite the mess behind. Our attic cleanup specialists know how to help! Our professional team will handle any problem you are facing!

In addition to our professional attic cleanup services, TAP insulation is a product we are able to install. We recommend TAP because it also kills pest insects invading your attic insulation. Many animals bring parasites such as fleas and ticks into your attic, which can cause a bug infestation issue. Bat bugs and silverfish are also common. TAP solves these issues! (TAP stands for Thermal, Acoustical, Pest Control Insulation.)

Are You In Another Region Of Ohio Besides Cincinnati? Check Out The Attic Cleanup Pros At Ohio Wildlife Control Directory To Find Additional Service Areas Throughout Ohio! You’ll find us listed there too!


Our principal focus ensures that your attic cleanup provides a healthy environment and removes all contamination.

Raccoons tear their way into attics and cause severe damage. Not to worry, our Ohio attic cleanup experts are on the job! We can also get rid of those pesky raccoons for you. Call Us Today!

Attic Cleanup Services – Damages

Numerous animals can cause severe damage to your attic and covering insulation. As wildlife defecates, your insulation quickly becomes a giant litter box. In addition to the nasty sight, this situation is downright hazardous for your household. Damages may increase 10 fold if the problem is left unaddressed. Not to worry, call our Cincinnati attic cleanup pros today for a 100% guaranteed solution! Our team can handle any size of attic job.

Frequently Asked Questions About TAP

TAP ® Pest Control Insulation uniquely advances two solutions in one product: energy-efficient blown-in insulation united with the combined benefit of pest control. Below, we answer many question regarding TAP which is trusted by Pest management Professionals throughout the US and Canada.

What does TAP stand for?


Pest Control Insulation

How does TAP work?
TAP insulation is infused with boric acid that attaches to pests while nesting through your insulation. The boric causes severe dehydration leading to death
What pests do TAP Insulation control?
Termites, fleas, cockroaches, silverfish, and many more insects!
Is TAP insulation eco-friendly?
Yes! Tap insulation is made of one of the greenest building products in the world. Made from 80% recycled paper, TAP creates energy savings and produces zero waste.
How is TAP insulation made?
Tap insulation is a cellulose insulation product made using 80% recycled paper and natural borates.
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Is TAP insulation dangerous?
Absolutely not! TAP insulation is safe for all humans and pets. TAP insulation is layered with a fire retardant that makes homes safer in the event of a fire.
Will rodents also be killed?
No, rodents will not be harmed by ingesting TAP insulation. However, TAP does not act as a food source for squirrels, rats, mice, or other rodents.
How long does the insulation process take?
Considering the average-sized home, the complete installation takes four to six hours to finish.
Who can install TAP Insulation?
TAP insulation is a registered product with the US Environmental Protection Agency as well as the state of Ohio. TAP pest control insulation can only be installed by licensed pest management professionals.
How is TAP insulation installed?
Our specialists use an effective process that blows TAP over existing insulation to provide insect protection and reduce your energy bill.
How much does TAP insulation cost?
The cost of TAP insulation is very dependent on the size of your home. However, TAP is for the homeowner that wants superior protection from insects and outside elements. When including energy savings, you will save money by using TAP pest control insulation.
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If birds get into your attic, plan on a nasty mess. Over time, if you don’t remove them quickly and close up all entry points, they’ll cost you thousands.

Why Are Cleanup Services So Crucial?

Attic cleanup and decontamination services are vital when securing a safe environment for your family and pets. Wildlife droppings can harbor infectious diseases, putting your household at risk. Infections transferred from animal droppings to humans are called zoonotic diseases.

Symptoms from zoonotic diseases can vary from a mild fever to immediate emergencies. For example, upwards of 70% of raccoons in the United States are tested positive for “raccoon roundworm.” This fatal infection can cause blindness, coma, and even death in humans.

Other illnesses from wildlife include cryptosporidiosis, E. coli infection, Histoplasmosis, and thousands more.

Our Cincinnati Wildlife Specialists take these concerns very seriously and always place safety as our #1 priority.

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We take great pride in a job well done. Here’s an attic we restored back to normal before the insulation was blown between the attic joints.

How Is Attic Cleanup And Restoration Performed?

Several components go into attic restoration services. First, our specialists conduct a thorough inspection, outlining points of concern. After providing a plan of action, you can expect our professional to get straight to work!

Depending on the individual situation, sometimes insulation is salvaged. If the case is more severe, you can expect a full replacement to ensure 100% satisfaction.

The final step includes providing an enzyme-based fogging procedure. While using an electric atomizer, your attic is sanitized top to bottom. This decontamination spray kills bacteria and other organic growth on contact.

Our experts take a cutting-edge approach to attic restoration services in Cincinnati, Ohio. While providing a satisfaction guarantee, you can rest easy knowing you are in good hands. When it comes to attic restoration, there is no “one size fits all” solution.

Personalized care is what we do, and we take pride in being the #1 restoration service in Ohio. Our professionals are licensed and insured, ready to take immediate action! – Call us today!

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