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What Prices Do You Charge For Nuisance Wildlife Removal in Cincinnati?

Standard trapping rates apply. Generally, we charge an inspection fee which also includes the trap setup fee, if you choose to go with the trapping service. After that, per-animal charges will be incorporated into your bill depending on the number of wildlife animals we end up removing from your property. We install our traps in specific locations to capture the target animal at a high rate of success. Furthermore, while live-trapping is the primary method we use to solve critter problems, it does not apply to all of them. For example, bat removal projects involve zero trapping – rather, they require performing a live-exclusion and seal-up process. In conclusion, the pricing structure can change depending on the specific issue you are experiencing.

With that said, please call us to schedule an inspection of your wildlife problem. During the inspection, we will formulate a specific plan to capture the critters causing you unrest. We will relieve you of all your nuisance wildlife concerns in Cincinnati, Ohio – Guaranteed.

Are You Licensed and Insured?

Absolutely, our company carries the required Commercial Nuisance Wildlife Operators License through the Ohio Division Of Wildlife. Furthermore, we also carry insurance – so the homeowner, our customer, is covered. In conclusion, you are completely protected and safe with our Certified and Trusted Cincinnati Wildlife Trapping Team. We resolve your wildlife concerns in a swift, humane manner. Call (513) 654-2591 today!

Are You Capable To Offer Wildlife Control In Cincinnati?

To say we are “capable” would be an understatement. All of our technicians are highly trained to handle any kind of wildlife complaint. Our specific areas of expertise include wildlife trapping techniques, wildlife damage repairs, roofing capabilities, restoring damaged exteriors, attic restoration, insulation and wildlife droppings removal, decontamination, installing new insulation, complete animal proofing to ensure no critter can get back inside, ridge guard installation, and more. We have years of experience offering these services, as well as up to date training and knowledge, which is why we are the preferred wildlife control company in Cincinnati, Ohio.

How Long Will It Take To Remove Unwanted Wildlife From My Home/Property?

This is the most general question we are asked. However, there is no definite timeframe in which any given wildlife issue may be resolved. It all depends on the species of pest we are dealing with, as well as where the damage is occurring.. For example, lawn mole infestations may take 1-2 weeks of repetitive trap placement to solve, while squirrel trapping jobs can be completed within 2-4 days, on average. Again, it just depends on the type of pest, where the damage is occurring, and also the accessibility to the areas of concern. With that said, rest assured, we are the best wildlife pros in all of Ohio! We are trained to handle all kinds of specific and unique wildlife situations with utmost accuracy and success. You are in good hands!