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Bird removal can be a daunting task in Cincinnati, Ohio. These pesky flyers move fast and cause an abundance of damage to your home or office. This damage often requires immediate attention to avoid lengthy repair bills. If you are experiencing a bird infestation, time is of the essence. Our Cincinnati wildlife specialists know how to provide rapid solutions and tackle all of your wildlife concerns. Call today for a complete inspection, and our experts will rush to you.

Starlings invaded this attic and built an extensive nesting system. We removed the nest, cleaned the area, and repaired all entrances into the building.
Woodpeckers produce serious damage to wood siding. They peck for one of three reasons: drumming, feeding, and or nesting. We’ll help you understand how to rid this unwanted behavior.

Damage From Birds

Contrary to popular belief, when birds decide to invade your space, they can do some severe damage. When an entry point is present, birds will nest into your attic or rafters. This roosting can cause heavy damage to your insulation and vapor barrier. As birds defecate, this accelerates insulation damage and starts to erode supports. Plus, many birds are known carriers of histoplasmosis. This fungus spreads microscopic spores into the area and can cause respiratory distress with flu-like symptoms. If you have encountered a bird trapped in your attic in Cincinnati, Ohio, our wildlife specialists have you covered. We pride ourselves on providing the top wildlife removal and cleanup services in the state.

Damage from birds is not always an inside job. Often, the destruction initiates from the outside. Birds will commonly build nests near chimneys, causing grave concern for property owners. Bird droppings are very acidic and tend to accumulate fast when a nest is present. Birds have small bladders allowing them to fly quicker, with less overall weight. For you, this means more droppings on your roof. When rain falls, this speeds up the erosion process and can take a major toll on roofing materials. If the problem is left untreated, droppings will eat through most roof surfaces, leading to leaks. Pigeons are notoriously known for this behavior. Our Cincinnati wildlife specialists take proactive measures to protect your property from all kinds of bird damages.

We Humanely Remove Birds From Your Home And Buildings

Cincinnati Ohio Birds

Henslow’s sparrow was first discovered directly across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, Ohio. This sparrow is one of the rarest bird species in the eastern region, first discovered and photographed in 1820 by John Audubon. More familiar bird species in Cincinnati include Pigeons, Mourning Doves, Song Sparrows, Northern Cardinals, Eastern BlueBirds, and lots more!

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Mourning doves are one of the most common and abundant birds in our Cincinnati, Ohio ecosystem. These species have exceptional memories, allowing them to return to the same nest for years. Mourning doves use their broad memory to fly away from their younglings and return with food, remembering the way back. This ability ensures the future of the morning dove and contributes to seed distribution in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Bird poop on vehicles becomes an issue if a bird population gets out of hand on your property. Bird droppings contain Uric Acid which causes significant harm to your car’s paint.

Birds And Our Ecosystem

Our Ohio ecosystem is striving with 433 documented species of birds found in our state alone. As urbanization in Cincinnati grows larger, birds are required to relocate and find alternative food sources. With this growth in mind, the number of birds found in residential or commercial spaces has risen. Local property owners are concerned about how this increased traffic might affect Cincinnati.

Our Cincinnati wildlife specialists take a humane approach to bird removal, using industry-leading tactics to put your mind at rest. Call today for a complete inspection, and our experts will rush to you.

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Canadian Geese live in 88 counties of Ohio. It’s estimated they number around 100,000, with many relocating to where people are more scarce. However, they are not an uncommon sight on residential and commercial property in certain areas.