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How We Do It

Our Cincinnati wildlife control professionals offer the top service response in the industry. Our phones are on 24/7 to provide you with fast support. Our experts will ask probing questions to ensure they come well equipped to tackle whatever wildlife throws at them! Our professional technicians will then immediately set up an inspection. We provide quality and quick relief for all of your wildlife concerns in southwestern Ohio. Our Cincinnati Wildlife Removal Team understands that time is of the essence to stop further pest damage from occurring, and we are here to help! Call us today, and we will get to you as soon as humanly possible.


Our inspection consists of a rigorous check to locate the root cause of your wildlife problem.

We check for gaps in siding, soffit board cracks, open dryer vents, rotten gapped wood, etc.


We head up top, doing a complete roof check. Initially, we look for potential gaps, holes, or uncapped exhaust vents. After we have excluded these problematic spaces, we dive deeper; checking ridge caps, plumbing stacks, and other crevices. 


We go inside and travel to your attic. Checking inside gives us first-hand insight on what damage has occurred, what critters we are dealing with, and if we are lucky; see the animal ourselves! 

Exclusion, Trapping, and Attic Restoration

This step is where our experts develop a plan and put it into action. Our experts are fully insured and licensed in the state of Ohio. We have also obtained all necessary certifications through the Ohio Division Of Wildlife. Using humane, industry-leading solutions, we can help put your mind at rest. Cincinnati wildlife removal is our specialty.


In some cases, we can place advanced one-way exit doors. This is common for bats and certain rodents. These doors only open to let wildlife out and will not allow them re-entry to the structure. Animals capable of damaging additional areas on your home to reenter do not apply, including raccoons and squirrels. Those animals must be trapped. In essence, wildlife exclusion in Cincinnati only applies to certain species of pests.

Live Trapping

In situations where exclusion is not possible, we approach differently. After our experts find the point of entry, the next step includes strategically placing up to 4 live traps. Our Cincinnati wildlife control professionals offer humane, effective live traps to handle even the most difficult animals to capture and remove. These are no home depot wildlife traps. We use professional grade equipment.

Animal Damage Repair

To provide our clients with the most complete service, of course, we need to repair the damages caused by nuisance wildlife. Generally, we can repair the damaged areas and make it seem as though nothing has happened to your home. Replacing fascia boards, gutters, soffits, siding, shingles, roofing repair, are all things we can help our clients with around Cincinnati, Ohio. Additionally, attic cleanup and restoration and wildlife droppings removal is also something we handle. See info below regarding Cincinnati Attic Restoration and wildlife droppings removal.

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Solving Big Problems With Experience And Creative Solutions

Our Cincinnati Wildlife Trapping Specialists Have The Top Service Response In The Industry. If You Are Dealing With Wildlife Concerns In Your Home Or Office, Call Us Today. We Are Here To Help And Provide Guaranteed Wildlife Removal And Trapping Solutions In Cincinnati, Ohio!

Droppings Cleanup And Decontamination Service

After removing your pesky friends, they often leave a lot behind in your attic or crawlspace. Urine and droppings not only have a strong odor but can be downright dangerous to handle. Droppings from wildlife can transmit E. coli infection, cryptosporidiosis, hookworm infection, hydatid disease, yersiniosis, psittacosis, and many more illnesses! Plus, oils from rodents and small mammals will attract more wildlife in search of food. After sweeping the area clean, we inspect the insulation for contamination. If your insulation has been affected, we take care of this for you. We fog the attic with a proprietary enzyme-based cleaner. Fog reaches every inch of your attic, ensuring your space has become sanitized from top to bottom. Our Cincinnati wildlife control team provides safe decontamination services to protect your home or office. We highly recommend this service to anyone that has recently evacuated a wildlife animal from their attic.

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Entry Point Repair

You can take a sigh of relief. No more scratching, scraping, or damage will occur. Our Cincinnati wildlife control company has just removed a pesky critter from your home or office. However, the job isn’t complete yet! Entry point repair is one of the most important steps to avoid reoccurring wildlife. In this final step, we seal up holes, crevices, or cracks where animals entered your property in the first place. We repair broken soffit, siding, skirting, and more to ensure your pest doesn’t return. The job isn’t complete until all entry points are covered.

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