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Those Nagging Raccoon Problems

We understand that dealing with a raccoon in your home or office can be exhausting. Not only can these critters cause a nuisance, but also a hefty repair bill. If you suspect a raccoon has entered your property, you must take quick measures. Your swift action will result in fewer damages and headaches. Our experts provide fast, professional relief for all of your wildlife concerns in Cincinnati, Ohio. Call us today, and our professional raccoon removal company will come to you, and resolve your raccoon problem as quickly as possible.

Damages Caused By Raccoons

Damages caused by raccoons can be extensive. After a raccoon has located a possible entry point, these furry critters will do anything to break inside. Winter is an especially crucial time for raccoons to seek out warm, dry places. Also, between March and June, they look for cover to give birth and provide shelter for their kits. Unfortunately for you, this can mean a lot of property damage. Female raccoons, in particular, are known for tearing off roof shingles to access your attic. Other destruction areas can include fascia boards, siding, gutters, and soffits. After ripping their way inside your Cincinnati attic, raccoons will start burrowing into your insulation for warmth and a den site for young. This activity causes severe damage, resulting in more costly repairs. Beyond the cost of insulation, this can cause your heating or air conditioning expenses to rise! There is now less of a barrier between you and the climate outside. Our Cincinnati raccoon removal professionals are here to provide quality solutions, repairing all entry points, and preventing recurring wildlife visits to your property.


Raccoon Damage Can Be Extensive As It Was In This Case. Do Not Allow Raccoons Near Your Home!

Attic Restoration Services / Raccoon Droppings Cleanup

On average, raccoons will defecate at least two times a day. Your attic will become their giant litter box. As raccoons urinate and defecate, things will start getting unsanitary. This odor can become overwhelmingly strong as days, and sometimes weeks go by without resolve. More insulation damage will result and may need complete replacement. But, that’s no problem for our Cincinnati raccoon professionals. We can help restore your attic to its former conditions. And, even better than before.

Around 70% of adult raccoons carry “Raccoon Roundworm,” also known as baylisascaris procyonis. This deadly parasite can produce over 100,000 eggs per day. If humans or pets come into direct contact with infected feces, this could cause a severe medical concern. Symptoms will begin 1 to 4 weeks after exposure and result in nausea, blindness, coma, and other painful symptoms. Raccoon droppings cleanup requires immediate attention to keep your pets and family safe. Our Cincinnati Raccoon Specialists provide industry-leading decontamination and droppings cleanup services in southwestern Ohio. While taking extreme precautions, our experts jump into action to restore a safe environment in your attic.

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Leaving pet food outside during the day, and especially at night, attract these Cincinnatti Masked bandits who can do severe damage to your property.

Did You Know These Raccoon Facts?

Raccoons have five fingers, very similar to our hands as humans! They use their hands to open trash can lids, climb, and even unlock chicken doors at night if the lock on the chicken door is just a hook. Combined with their overactivity, raccoons have incredibly high IQs, and they can adapt to almost any environment. Raccoons are abundant in rural areas, as well as large cities.

As expert scavengers, raccoons have learned to find food and shelter in every ecosystem, including colder climates in northern Canada, Alaska, and hotter climates like Florida, and somewhere in the middle, you could say Ohio is their ideal habitat.

These furry critters have a “black mask” around their eyes, which enhance their sight at night and reduce glare. Their grey fur is naturally thick to provide warmth in the colder months of the year. So warm that In the 1800s, raccoon fur was seen as a luxury item and traded as early currency.

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The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), entered the pygmy raccoon on its endangered list. At this time, it is estimated that 250 adult pygmy raccoons live in the wild. Also,  IUCN determined that the total population size, including young pygmy raccoons, is between 323 to 955.