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Do You Have Moles in Cincinnati, Ohio?

Moles can be one of the most troublesome pests to find on your lawn. Attracted by grubs and yard insects, moles can do a considerable amount of damage resulting in costly repairs. These damages can leave you with dead grass, torn up turf, and large holes throughout your yard. The longer moles have control, the more damaging this nuisance becomes. If you are struggling with these pesky lawn invaders, our Cincinnati mole trapping specialists are here to help! Call today for an inspection, and our experts will come to you.

No, These Are Not Bomb Mounds From WW2. These Are Mole Hills! Never-The-Less, Call Us To Prevent Further Damage And End The Destruction To Your Turf.

Does Your Lawn Look Like It Has Been Bombed?

Identifying A Mole Infestation In Your Lawn

If you step outside to find mounds of dirt scattered throughout your turf, you are likely dealing with moles. Moles are ground-dwelling mammals that are always on the hunt for grubs, earthworms, and other soil organisms. Thanks to their high energy reserves, these furry mammals can tunnel over 18 feet per hour!! As moles dig tunnel systems, they rip through your root system resulting in dead, patchy grass. Often this damage is extensive, and repairs can include leveling, overseeding, and sodding to restore your turf.

Moles look for lawns that have loose soil for easy digging access. Unfortunately, this happens to be healthy lawns that have been well cared for by their property owners. Thankfully, you can stop damage caused by these powerful diggers. Our Cincinnati mole animal control experts use advanced cutting-edge tactics to provide rapid solutions to all your wildlife needs.

How Is Mole Trapping Preformed?

The first step our mole trappers take in mole removal involves locating the active tunnels. These tunnels can be hard to identify as you likely have multiple active and inactive tunnels present. After spotting the main entrance, our trained professionals will strategically place spring-loaded traps throughout your lawn. This approach ensures that all bases are covered, resulting in a fast and humane capture. With a satisfaction guarantee, you can count on our Cincinnati lawn mole removal experts to handle your mole problems with ease.

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The Most Common Moles In Cincinnati, Ohio

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The Eastern Mole is the most common species to find in the greater Cincinnati area. They weigh around a quarter-pound and are 6-8 inches long. Despite common belief, moles are not blind and have two eyes. However, their eyesight is limited, and moles are colorblind. To maintain high energy, moles consume around 40lbs of bugs, earthworms, and grubs each year. Eastern moles rely on a unique sensory that is found on the tip of their nose to help scavenge for food. After an Eastern Mole catches an insect, they paralyze their prey with a toxin found in their saliva. Then the insect is carried to an underground bunker within their tunnel systems. This later acts as a food reserve for when hunger strikes.
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Finding The Right Mole Removal Company

It’s extremely difficult to catch and eradicate moles on your own. Furthermore, moles need to be removed before causing further damage to your root structure. That’s why finding the right mole removal company is crucial to your success. Our Cincinnati wildlife experts are licensed, insured, and have acquired additional provisions through The Ohio Division Of Wildlife. If you are dealing with a mole infestation, call for a complete multi-point inspection. Our experts will schedule your appointment as soon as we have an opening. Call us today!

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